"Plofkippen" - industrially produced chickens
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Plofkippen: Dutch for chickens produced in industrial chicken legs, chicken wings, chicken breasts, and chicken etc. production, under unnatural conditions, the birds being fed with unnatural feeds, harvested, slaughtered and packed for mass consumption after 7 weeks of cramped lives in production sheds. meet your meat...

Worldwide industrial meat production causes horrible harm and suffering to billions of animals in their short lives before they are slaughtered, often also in cruel ways.

The feed of the animals often contains pesticides, administered hormones, fungicides, and sometimes even worse, which we risk to ingest when we eat such meat, depending on the country and the agricultural rules and inspection by authorities.

Finally, the industrial production is often harmful to the environment, because of pollution, monocultures of feeds, and other.

This also counts for fish, in general. Industry "labels" must be examined closely before being accepted as a proof of "innocence".

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