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New Zealand Hearts Standards In a sweeping online initiative, the New Zealand government has set a 1 January 2006 deadline for all government websites to comply with the national accessibility guidelines. The mandates were issued in the spirit of ensuring New Zealanders' right of access to government information and services— pages must be able to function without requiring JavaScript, HTML alternatives must be provided to PDFs, and sites should be friendly to Internet connections as slow as 9.6kbps.


  • HTML
  • HTML 4.01 Strict Specification
  • Introducing HTML 3.2
  • "SelfHTML"
  • HTML tags with attributes
  • html codes quick lixt
  • ASCII entities
  • URL-encoding from %00 to %8f
  • HTML entities
  • HTML special character entities
  • Try Image maps | image map codes to paste in trial page
    caractès spéciales

    Chinese, Japanese, Russian etc. codes

  • PHP Mail
  • free fax


  • HTML basic colors
  • color names
  • Color chart - interactive
  • Colormatch (not on Mozilla)
  • Colorschemer
  • Colorschemer2 with adaptation to people's eyesights
  • Colorwheel ! ! !
  • Colormatch
  • True Color Card

    Style sheets

  • = better ! ! !
  • css cascading style sheets

    HTML validation

  • Validate the html or XHTML code of this page
  • Validate the CSS code of this page
  • HTML page validation
  • HTML page validation

    Java and various

  • developers - various links www programming resources (incl javascript) (
  • Webdesign resources (incl js, cig and more) (
  • javascript generators
  • > pop-up scripts library
  • java scripts library
  • overlib explication français
  • javascript course & examples - w3schools

    Harvard search engine

    On site search engine

    Computerhulp (NL):
  • Russian and other letter codes

  • webplek ontwerpprincipes
  • webplek bouw stappenplan
  • webplekken van scholieren en studenten
  • Thinkquest - de internetorganisatie voor het onderwijs

    Web site examples
  • Vincent van Gogh -

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    URL Encoding Reference The ASCII device control characters %00-%1f (hex) [1-31 (dec)] were originally designed to control hardware devices. Control characters have nothing to do inside a URL.
    MS Word special character codes: Alt+ numbers
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