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The Art of Smoking - Times Are Changing

Aim kids!
      By unknown artists, downloaded from the internet, years ago.

      Ecoglobe applauds the pleasures of life, Men, Women, Smoking.

      Of course, sex and smoking are the privileges of adults.

      All three belongs to adult freedoms.

      The Tobacco Industry, which is relentlessly contributing so much to the growth of the health sector deserves applause.

      We must not forget the functionaries in the Government Departments of Health, who have not failed to cooperate with the Tobacco Industry and adopted their policies and followed their recommendations, such as:

      • The decision to start smoking is privileged to persons over 18.
      • Tobacco must not be sold to under age persons; sales becomes punishable.
      • Publicity is a fundamental freedom.
      • Tobacco adverts only serve to have adult smokers change brands.
      • The Tobacco industry's code of ethic forbids advertising that is directed at under age persons.
      • It is slanderous diffamation to suggest that the Tobacco Industry would try to have under age persons start smoking, such as Aim kids!.

We want to congratulate the Tobacco Industry for their significant victory in the fight against effective smoking regulation, protecting basic freedoms.

  • Publicity has not been outlawed.
  • Sales to under-age has become law in many Swiss cantons, thereby increasing the attractivity of the forbidden to the children and teenagers.
  • Smoking is still "standard" adult behaviour. Normal people are still called "non-smokers."
  • Instead of simple black on white warnings, cigarette packages now have one side with beautifullly coloured images that nobody looks at and increase the attractivity
  • Branding on non-tobacco consumer products is still allowed.
  • Proposals to make all cigarette packages in one only standard size and appearance, with uniform brand name in black on white lettering, suppressing the company logo has successfully been rejected. Only in Australia this disastrous proposal is being considered by the health authorities.
  • Proposals to ban any smoking in public, indoors as well as outdoors has successfully been called "extremist".
  • The authorities' policy to allow smoking on terraces has lead to an encouraging terrace culture. Most restaurants are putting tables and chairs on the sidewalk to accomodate smokers with special ash trays.
  • Tents are provided by companies to protect the free smoker from rain and wind.
  • The industry has successfully managed to influence the Swiss health department to spend money on quit smoking adverts that nobody reads because they are too tame and picture boring people who quit, thereby telling the reader that interesting people keep smoking.
  • Smoking is still seen as a fundamental right and the Swiss authorities therefore refuse to use aggressive publicity that pictures smokers what they are: poor victims of publicity.
  • Swiss authorities have successfully prevented the appliction of the existing law on disingenious publicity, which would effectively outlaw all publicity because there is no greater lie than promising happiness and freedom and then supplying nicotibne dependence and premature death by cancer in over 50 percent of all smokers.
  • The industry has successfully maintained the "jobs" and tax income argument, although tobacco production, sales and consumption producefar more harm than economic benefits.
  • The tobacco sector have successfully avoided the discussion on the societal advantages, if the tobacco sector turnover would be used for really productive work.

    Finally, we can also congratulate the tobacco department of the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health. They have closely listened to the tobacco whisperers and thus their department will continue to exist and provide jobs. They continue to ask the tobacco industry and their partners in the publicity and hospitality branches for an opinion in the Swiss law consultation procedures. They continue to treat the industry as an honest partner and did not rupture all contacts and apply psychologically reflected policies.

    Bravo to the tobacco industry and the Swiss department of public health for these achievements.

    September 2011
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    Till now: Unattractive packages with useless black on white warnings.

    From September 2011 onward: Sexy colorful useless images
    that increase the attractivity of the cigarette packages.
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