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Independent observation may find efficiency gains potential

ROI-efficient language training: enquiry form.

in your communication:

  • sales,
  • publicity,
  • exhibitions
  • documentation,
  • procedures,
  • language.

    We offer
    No-nonsense feedback on specific issues in your operation:

    • How to increase customer relationships and confidence - ultimately resulting in higher workforce motivation...
    • Our work becomes your advantage.
    • Your feedback increases our efficiency.

    ROI Language Training:

    Modern, efficient language training, using the knowledge and skills that you haveefficient language training

    Reference material:
  • Changing Insights - What makes us change our opinion?
  • Denial - The Psychology of Denial: our failure to act against climate change (Die Leugnung la négation )
  • Exploring a Green Present - an interactive seminar - Flyer
  • Exploring a Green Present - Seminar Outline
  • Adult Motivation for Environmentally Sensitive Practices: A Learning Interview
  • AEM - Introduction
  • "A Dutch Scene"
  • ECHO - Ecologic Change & Human Options Outline of a thesis project
  • ECHO: ECOLOGIC CHANCE - HUMAN OPTIONS Ecologic Encouragement Settings for Opinion Leaders
  • ECHO - Ecologic Change - Human Options PROJECT STATUS - 12 MARCH 1993
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