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Temporary 'benefits' of climate change
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The media generally water-down the bad news so as to make it palatable.
Sometimes, however, the message is manipulated. That can be before the issue reaches the media, because of pressure by the authorities on the underlings.
At other times the media themselves are the culprits. Facts are pulled out of context or parts of the message are omitted. This can be called lying by omission. The below letter to the editor of the Financial Times of 18 April 2007 elucidates one such case of so-called "benefits" of climate change.
Mr Chris Goodall explains:
    Sir, Gideon Rachman is right to note that climate change will affect the world's regions in different ways ("Climate change is not a global crisis - that is the problem", April 17). But he is wrong to say the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change asserts that the climate "will improve" in northern Europe. This is what the latest report says:

    "In Northern Europe, climate change is initially projected to bring mixed effects, including some benefits such as reduced demand for heating, increased crop yields and increased forest growth. However, as climate change continues, its negative impacts (including more frequent winter floods, endangered ecosystems and increasing ground instability) are likely to outweigh its benefits."

    By mid-century, climate change is likely to affect adversely almost all the world's people to a substantial degree. It is mischievous to suggest that the UK, for example, will be a beneficiary.

    Chris Goodall, Oxford OX2 6XW, UK
Copyright the Financial Times. This letter is reproduced for reference puposes only.
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