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  • Against zero growth

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    Der Schweizer Bundesrat will abermals "Verkehrsprobleme lösen" ...Weitere Milliarden für Bahn- und Strassenbau
    ARD und DRS Berichte vom 12.12.2008 - Klimawandel EU Beschlüsse in Brüssel und die Klimakonferenz in Posen.

    Interview with Yvo de Boer, head of the IPCC secretariat, by the environmental journalist George Monbiot.

    107 Avons-nous besoin de la croissance économique pour achever plus de durabilité? Lettre à Pascal Couchepin. Do we need economic growth? Letter to the Swiss minister Pascal Couchepin. Brauchen wir Wirtschaftswachstum? Brief an Pascal Couchepin
    - some observations
    compared to ecoglobe sustainability

    ECHO Dossier vom 24.11.2008
    - Klimawandel und Wachstum

    On Biodiversity:
    "Butterfly/Whale effect"
    The Protein Pyramid

    103 Denis Meadows (Grenzen des Wachstums) an einem Nachhaltigkeitsforum in Zürich (Presentation pdf: "What Will Limits to Growth Look Like in Switzerland?" in English)
    "Leben auf zu grossem Fuss"
    Bericht in der NZZ über den Fussabdruck gemäss Rechnung Footprintnetwork

    "Ökologische Grenzen" des Klimawandels - Über die Schwierigkeiten der Pflanzen- und Tierwelt, sich an auch nur geringe Temperaturänderungen anzupassen.
    "Es braucht einen technologischen Durchbruch"
    Herr Professor Boulouchos der ETH Zürich über die Energiezukunft

    99 "Shed no tears over demise of US ethanol industry"

    98 Zur Wachstumsansprache von Frau Bundesrätin Doris Leuthard in Engelberg
    97 WWF-Panda's "Decoupled Growth" and other delusions...
    96 "Our sorry need for others to apologise"
    95 "It's Time To Lead" - WWF publicity in the Financial Times. We ask:
  • What's the message of this man - struggling to keep his head over water?
  • Who is the public that is addressed?
  • What are we supposed to do?
  • What could be the results?

    94 Stichwort "Krise"
    93 A climate change glossary
    92 The development of the Millennium Development Goals
    91 The WTO on "Trading into the Future"
    90 A headline from footprintnetwork's newsletter 16, 15 Sept. 2008:
    "Sustainable Growth "Biggest Question Confronting Humanity" says Financial Times"

    89 Energie sparen, CO 2 senken und trotzdem wachsen
    88 Der "Club of Rome" und Wachstum
    87 Nachhaltigkeit und Schiksal am Goetheanum
    86 The Problem Is Simple: Too Many People, Too Much Stuff
    85 A comparison of The Limits to Growth with 30 years of reality
    84 New Zealand's AgResearch reports 91 per cent failure rates in Genetically Engineered Animals trials & "fact or fiction"
         Footprint, Sustainability and Time - a Glossary

    82 Opening presentations and debate on "overshoot"
    81 Journalistic biases and unscientific muddles
    80 "A Royal Muddle" or an "Editorial Muddle" at the Financial Times? The genetic engineering believers calling Prince Charles a "Luddite"
    79 Angela Merkel on Climate Change and so-called "sustainable development"
    78 "Preventing Overshoot and Collapse:
         Managing the Earth’s Resources"

    77 "Comparable adventurism" with food and & fuel
    76 Doha Development Round Collapsed
    75 Wachstum und die Schweizer Bundesverfassung
    74 Das verhinderte Waldsterben
    73 Waldsterben - Beanstandung eines Wissenschaftlers vor dem DRS-Umbudsmann vom 26.7.2008
    72 Die Folgen des Klimawandels betreffen vor allem die armen Länder...
    71 A short dicussion with the IUCN on sustainability and "Sustainable Development"
    70 "Le réchauffement climatique a des effets positifs"
    69 Paradise for Sale - More Is Less
    68 Carbon emitters’ free ride is about to end
    67 "Dubai bets on lasting tourist appeal"
    66 Peak Oil Videos and transcript
    65 "Organic route to improved Kenyan soil fertility"
    64 "Might the Convergence of Multiple "Inconvenient Truths" Signal the Emergence of Demographic and Social Collapse?"
    63 "Soil under strain"
    62 Population: UN Predicts 12 Billion if Family Planning Falters
    61 How mass migration has devastated the social fabric of Britain
    60 Growth discussion on the BBC
    59 Energie und Nachhaltigkeit...
    58 "Kopf- oder Schweigegeld" - Medienarbeit in China
    57 Sustainability discussions in ecol-econ, from April 1996
    56 "Changing Insights - What makes us change our opinion?"
    55 "Top scientist says GM crops are the answer to food price crisis"
    54 G8 Gipfel - Klima und Nachhaltigkeit
    53 Why obstacles to a deal on climate are mountainous
    52 Schwieriger Alltag ohne "Made in China"
    51 Harvest of Injustice: The Oppression of Migrant Workers on Canadian Farms
    50 A Word To The Water Wise
    49 Australien droht Klima-Apokalypse
    48 ENERGIE - Kohle in den Sand gesetzt - OIL PRICE SIDE-EFFECT - Why the Gulf Is Switching to Coal
    47 Professor Jeffrey Sachs on Growth and Technology at the Global Humanitarian Forum Geneva 25 June 2008
    46 Climate chaos is inevitable
    45 Development and sustainability questions
    44 "India's growth outstrips crops"
    43 "EU approves illegal migrants plan"
    42 "Techno-Fascism Every Move You Make"
    41 Gordon Brown is calling on the European Union to relax [and allow genetically modified feed in order to "help" dealing with the food price crisis]
    40 Global Humanitarian Forum Geneva - AGM & Conference, 24-25 June 2008
    39 "Agriculture's Last Frontiers" May 27, 2008; The Wall Street Journal
    38 ARD Börse vom 17.6.2008
    37 Commodities reports of 17 June 2008
    36 "Making room for prosperity" - Jeffrey Sachs's Delusion in the Financial Times of 16 June 2008
    35 "Saudis plan to grow crops overseas" Financial Times - 13 June 2008
    34 "Sustainable Prosperity: Taking on the Global Challenge" NetImpact conference, Geneva 13 - 14 June 2008
    33 Water Scarcity: The Real Food Crisis
    32 "Growth Quotes" - "Bickering will never feed the world" - FT 12.6.2008
    31 "Sustaining growth is the 21st century's big challenge" - Martin Wolf's and Jeffrey Sachs's Disaster Scenarios, 11 June 2008
    30 "These objects of contempt are now our best chance of feeding the world" - Monbiot June 2008
    29 "Malawi cultivates cash gains for its farmers" - FT 10.6.2008
    28 "Climate Changes Your Business" - KPMG Report March 2008
    27 ExxonMobil advertisement in the Financial Times of 6 June 2008:
    "more energy. fewer emissions. moving forward means delivering them both"

    26 Monaco plans city on stilts
    25 Billions wasted on UN climate programme
    24 Letter to Mr. David J. O'Reilly Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Chevron on population growth
    23 Growth quotes from the May 2008 issue of "National Geographic" on "China - inside the Dragon"
    22 Peak Oil - Gespräch mit Colin Campbell - Radio DRS1 ECHO vom 25.5.2008
    21 Interview with the British Foreign Secretary David Miliband
    20 "Klimasünder Flugzeuge bislang geschont" - Radio DRS1 Rendez-Vous vom 16.5.2008
    19 Erdöl - Aussichten - Radio DRS1 Rendez-Vous vom 9.5.2008
    18 Klimawandel - Bericht von der CarbonExpo in Köln- Radio DRS1 Rendez-Vous vom 9.5.2008
    17 Peak Oil - Le maximum de la disponibilité et ses conséquences - Article dans Migros Magazine du 5.5.2008
    16 "Überleben im 21. Jahrhundert"
    15 "Is growth driving us to oblivion?" - Article in the Japan Times of 23 April 2008
    14 "Can three experts all be wrong on looming disaster?" - Article in the Japan Times of 26 March 2008
    13 Mail sent to IMF Mr Charles Collyns regarding Economic Outlook beyond 2010
    12 Peak Oil - Synopsis of the movie The Oil Crash
    11 Lettre à la conseillère fédérale suisse, Madame Micheline Calmy-Rey concernant la conférence publique de M. Ban Ki-Moon sur les objectifs de développement millenaires
    10 Shell advertisement: "Real Energy Solutions"
    9 CO2-Kompensation: Augenwischerei oder wirksamer Klimaschutz?
    8 "Green & Sexy" President Pascal Couchepin at the Geneva Motorshow
    7 NASA Dr David Hansen: "Climate target is not radical enough"
    6 Acid Oceans - a report for UNEP by Ulf Riebesell of the Leibniz Institute of Marine science in Kiel, Germany
    5 The Davos Open Forum on Sustainability and Economic Growth
    4 "The global battle for food, oil and water," by Gideon Rachman of the Financial Times
    3 The environmental "debate and communication" of the World Economic Forum
    2 The greening of globalisation - Letter and email to the Editor of the Financial Times
    1-2008 Advice on environmental realities, given to Mr Lars Josefsson of Vattenfall AB, Berlin
  • The Financial Times's Martin Wolf becomes ecoglobe's Person of the Year 2007
  • Martin Wolf devient Personne de l'année 2007
  • Martin Wolf wird ecoglobe's Person des Jahres 2007

    Our past, ...
    our present
    probable future
    under the busines-as-usual scenario of population growth and economic growth.

    At the present rates of resource depletion and population growth, the end may look like in this drawing made by the notorious deniers of "The Economist" weekly, mocking ecological forecasts in 1997.

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