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    15-2010 "Der kommende Aufstand"
    "The coming insurrection" "La révolte qui vient"

    L’urgence de la "décroissance"
    Des pensées sur la balance humaine sur la planète.
    Die Dringlichkeit der "Wachstumsrücknahme"
    Gedanken über unser Gleichgewicht auf dem Planeten.
    The urgency of "de-growth"
    Thoughts on the human balance on our planet.

    13-2010 - Energy
    The end of cheap coal. Once the amount of energy (technology) required is higher than the net energy of the oil and coal that is extracted, the "Energetic Return On Investment" (EROI) becomes negative. Thereafter it will be energetically useless ot extract more of the remaining stocks.

    12-2010 - Scenarios
    Pourquoi la situation est grave.
    Warum die Lage ernst ist.
    Why the situation is serious.

    The German Environment Minister Roettgen on the necessity of growth
    Bundesumweltminister Roettgen über die Notwendigkeit des Wachstums

    The Collapsing Western Way of Life
    "The greatest threat to the Western Way of Life is the Western Way of Life itself. Patches may prolong it, but they cannot remove its contradictions."

    The UNEP Global Environment Outlook 1997, 2000, 2002, 2007, and the 2012 project.

    The WBCSD's "Vision 2050"
    "Can society still afford to focus on sustainable development?"

    Historic GDP Growth

    "Inequality Costs the Earth" The New Internationalist
    explores the questions of equity that lie behind everything we do. "The market may or may not have an 'invisible hand' but it most definitely has an 'invisible foot' - inequality" - "Rich countries generally have far greater ecological impacts than poorer ones - but a country's impact may not relate so much to its wealth, as to its wealth inequality."

    WTO Pleasures
    The promises of the WTO to help saving the planet from further depletion and the fight against climate change - Earth Day 2010 Statement by the WTO Director-General, Mr Pascal Lamy:
    More Growth and more Free Trade!

    Circus pleasures

    " children of all ages were captivated by the savage enslavement of Topsy the elephant." ...

    Public Conference: Peak-Oil? = Peak-Growth? Conférence publique: "Pic de pétrole? = Pic de croissance?? Publikumskonferenz: Öl-Maximum? = Wachstums-Maximum?

    Voluntary simplicy: shifting the burden to the victims?
    Simplicité volontaire: charger les victimes?
    Freiwillige Einfachheit: die Last den Opfern zuschieben?

    1-2010 NON SEQUITUR
    Another New Year - with the same illusions!
    Une nouvelle année - avec le mêmes illusions!
    Wieder ein neues Jahr - mit den gleichen Illusionen

    25/2009 Our Maniacal Optimism Is Ruining the World
    Our past, ...
    our present
    probable future
    under the busines-as-usual scenario of population growth and economic growth.

    At the present rates of resource depletion and population growth, the end may look like in this drawing made by the notorious deniers of "The Economist" weekly, mocking ecological forecasts in 1997.

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