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growth table... growth table... growth table... growth table... growth table...
Growth on a finite planet reduces its relative size for people, depleting space and resources.


Economics & the "Green economy":
"Decoupling Natural Resource Use and Environmental Impact from Economic Growth"
"Green Economy" - "The New Big Deal" "On the Eve of Rio+20, Countries Accelerating Plans for a Transition to a Green Economy"

Economics & "De-Growth" (pages and stories): []
Croissance et décroissance...
"L’urgence de la "décroissance" - The urgency of "de-growth" - Die Dringlichkeit der Wachstumsrücknahme

Economics & growth (pages and stories): []
WWF-Panda's "Decoupled Growth" and other delusions...
[Nachhaltige Entwicklung, grünes Wachstum in der Schweiz]
Mountebank's Growth Premises
Martin Wolf's and Jeffrey Sachs's disaster scenarios: "Sustaining growth is the 21st century's big challenge"
Pro-Growth arguments
Wachstumstafel - Wachtsumsraten von 0.5 bis 10 % pro Jahr
Table de croissances - pourcentages de 0.5 à 10 % par année
Growth table with growth rates 0.5 to 10 % per year
Historic GDP growth
Wachstum und CH Bundesverfassung
Growth discussion on the BBC (April 2008)
The Davos Open Forum on Sustainability and Economic Growth 5/2008
World Economic Outlook, beyond 2010 (13/2008)
"The greening of globalisation" (2/2008)
Nachhaltiges Wachstum" in China - im ECHO von DRS (Wachstum um jeden Preis) (118/2007)
Wachstum oder Nachhaltigkeit - Offener Brief an Herrn Prof. Dr. Jan-Egbert Sturm und Mitarbeitende (9/2007)
Qualitatives Wachstum, Effizienssteigerung und Dienstleistungen (10/2007)
"Differenzierte Kritik am Wirtschaftswachstum" (100/2007)
How nature could jolt humanity out of the equation (31/2007)
"Energy, Security and Climate" Security Council open debate: UK concept paper (30/2007)
"Why Journalists Do What They Do" - Reporting about war and the environment (31/2006)
Daly - Definition of "Development"
Dawe - "Economic Growth - Our Common Foe"
Galbraith on Economics
letter Brief lettre   to/an/à   Mr/Herrn/Monsieur Pascal Couchepin
& Climate:
  • Combattre les gaz à effet de serre par des centrales nucléaires ?
  • Mit Atomkraft gegen die Klimagase?
  • Nuclear power to reduce greenhouse gas emissions?
  • Bericht von der CarbonExpo in Köln (Mai 2008)
    & Peak Oil:
  • Peak Oil - "The Long Emergency" & "A Post-Oil Man"
  • "Dubai bets on lasting tourist appeal"
    & Traffic:
  • "Klimasünder Flugzeuge bislang geschont"
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  • Scenarios
  • Titanic
  • "The Long Emergency" & "A Post-Oil Man"
  • "All Things Must Pass"
  • Requiem
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