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    the ecoglobe vision:

    We, the people, ...
    • We safeguard a beautiful and healthy world with sufficient space and resources for all beings,
    • We maintain wise balances between human activity and nature,
    • We translate environmental science into clear language, images and interactive models,
    • We explain complex environmental and economic relationships into terminology that people can understand and relate to,
    • We promote a wise and sustainable relationship between the environment and the economy,
    • We apply realistic, eco-logic information, based upon facts, not on fiction or hope or expectations.
    In 1982 the initiator made a radical green U-turn. After years of study this led 1997 to the "ecoglobe" idea of revolving ecoglobe awareness centers in New Zealand. Compare about ecoglobe (nz), our New Zealand 1997 project pages ecoglobe Wellington.
    In 2000 we moved to Geneva, Switzerland, with the aim of influencing ecological decision making in an international environment. The following are some of our front pages over the past 15 years. They may illustrate our changing mindset, also described in detail in our ecostory and scenarios pages.
    Today, by the end of 2014, we have come to the conclusion that humanity cannot be saved because (1) the overshoot and depletion is far beyond restauration and adaptation, and (2) the people in power positions are unabale and unwilling to recognise and act accordingly.
    So we added the "404 fatal error" page, from a nostalgic IT dawn era. William R Catton Jnr. describes the ecological "fatal error" in his 1982 "Overshoot". Herbert Gruhl explains our end in "Himmelfahrt ins Nichts" ["The End" - "Ascension into nothingness"] ["La fin" - "Ascension au rien""].
    The Compact of Business, Politics and the discipline of Economics (BPE) are living in their own illusionary worlds of Hope-Optimism-Technology, disconnected from scientific realities. The BPE are increasing resource depletion speeds and the wealth differences between the super-rich and normal, working people.
    What remains to do is to protect livelyhoods and maintain decency on local levels as long as possible. back

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  • [Time line: the reference numbers in the file names and at the bottom of the pages indicate the year, month, and date of creation and modification; e.g. 2d16 = 2002, or 2012, December 16. Sometimes the history of a page can be found hidden, in the source code.]

    [A "Life Charter" we could subscribe to.]

    [ecoglobe courses:]

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