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The starry background may remind us that this spaceship Earth has no emergency exit.
A finite planet has limited space and resources.

Sustainability means human society in the balance with nature.

The balances are maintained if resources are not consumed
at a higher rates than nature needs for regeneration.
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Humanity is destroying
its very base of existence.

We are depleting resources at increasing speeds because of
economic growth policies and
unrestrained population growth.

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Optimism Our maniacal optimism ...
Technology Technology cannot ...
recreate lost resources
or revive extinct species.
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This outlook may seem "pessimistic".
But we think it is a realistic horizon
of continued growth and depletion.
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We are still the same Hunters and Gatherers as in the Stone Age

Except that our technologies have enabled us to hunt and gather much more efficiently.

Whereas our ancestors were limited by their primitive means, we - modern man - are now depleting and destroying nature irreversibly.

None of the bounty hunters in power today is ever imagining what will happen the day after we'll have found and used all oil and gas and coal and forests and fish and groundwater.

Once there's nothing left to hunt and gather, what will then happen to me and my children?

They will be thrown back to a barren landscape, far less than the lush and abondant times of the stone age:
The Stone Age was not as brutish and unhappy as has often been described (e.g. by Hume) Sahlins describes quite a different - and sustainable - society in his "Stone Age Economics"Sahlins - Stone Age Economics...
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