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The starry background may remind us that this spaceship Earth has no emergency exit.
A finite planet has limited space and resources.

Sustainability means human society in the balance with nature.

The balances are maintained if resources are not consumed
at higher rates than nature needs for regeneration.
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Humanity is destroying
its very base of existence.

We are depleting resources at increasing speeds because of
economic growth policies and
unrestrained population growth.

   Hope Hope - from the box of Pandora ...,
Optimism Our maniacal optimism ...
Technology Technology cannot ...
recreate lost resources
or revive extinct species.
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Scroll down slowly for our Hunters & Gathers of modernity examples:
Today we are still the same Hunters and Gatherers from the Stone Age...
Except that our technologies have enabled us to hunt and gather much more efficiently.

Whereas our ancestors were limited by their primitive means, we - modern man - are now depleting and destroying nature irreversibly.

None of the bounty hunters in power today is ever imagining what will happen the day after we'll have found and used all oil and gas and coal and forests and fish and groundwater.

Once there's nothing left to hunt and gather, what will then happen to me and my children?

What will the WTO's free-traders trade without stuff to be traded?

What will be left to eat and drink - at the end of modernity?

How much nature and birds and all will be left to enjoy? We will be thrown back into a barren landscape, a stone age without nature:
Geneva, 22 July 2011

We just discovered
Dr. Milton Mountebank's critique of Mr Goldberg's premises on "Massive Economic Growth".

It so happened that we heard a Director of the "International Growth Centre", based at the London School of EconomicsInternational Growth Centre, based at the London School of Economics - new window ... say (in a conference at the premises of the WTO on 21 July 2011) that Africa needs Asian type growth rates for the next 30 years.

Dr Mountebank might also question this assertion.

We copied Mountebank's critique of Goldberg's sixth premise:
    Premise #6: When the proponents of infinite (or at least massive) economic growth victoriously proclaim, “I told you so,” those who question growth shall be annoyed. MVR = 1.034110990
    After beginning to unravel his thesis with the previous 2 premises, Mr. Goldberg dismantles his entire argument with premise #6. We shall not annoy the steady staters; we shall enchant them. They shall be in awe of us, sufficiently stunned by our supernatural capacity to banish all ecological limits. I have no doubt that one day the steady staters shall recognize the folly of questioning infinite economic growth and repent. They shall put aside their dreary doomsaying (along with their “facts” and “evidence”) and join us in the magical triumph of economics over physics.
May we suggest you read the entire argument? (Click on the image.)

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What future do we have with growth and development?
What would bring our power elites to ecological reason?
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Dr. Milton Mountebank's critique of Mr Goldberg's premises on "Massive Economic Growth".
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