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    English grammar with downloadable exe file

    The Internet grammar of English

    Guide to Grammar and Writing (key word index)

    Some Rules and Suggestions about Spelling


    Common Errors in English <-->

    Merriam-Webster English Dictionary - with American pronunciation Audio
    Suchen in - chercher dans - look up in Merriam Webster:
    <--> Hyperdictionary (thesaurus, dream, medical, computer)

    CILF - Base de Terminologie français <> anglais <> allemand <> espagnol
    DICDATA.DE   D<>E   D<>F   D<>Italiano
    ECTACO.COM/online/ - English<>other languages
    EURODICAUTOM - European Terminology Database (Die Sprachen der EU)
    LEO.ORG - D<>E mit Aussprache Audio - with pronunciation audio
    LEXILOGOS - liens dictionnaires et encyclopédies - différentes langues
    lingu@dict - dictionnaire D<>F
    TU Chemnitz - D<>E

    Banking and Stock Glossary - English
    Bank- und Börsenlexikon - Deutsch
    More Financial Glossaries

    Pronunciation, speeches & audio:   [top]

    Sorry, due to the volatility of the web some links are no longer valid.

    Chief Seattle's Statement Chief Seattle 1854 9:28 - audio and text of the statement

    The Chaos
    The Chaos - Pronunciation exercise
    The Chaos - Pronunciation exercise - variant

    Political speeches + audio mp3 Wake Forest University
    Kennedy - selected speeches + audio mp3 John F. Kennedy Library

    When angels Cry - Chico Mendez song + English translation audio mp3

    Abraham Lincoln - The Gettysburg Address (1863) "Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation..." Date: Nov. 13, 1863 Performed by: Peter Marinker audio mp3 3:20 minutes | text

    Patrick Henry "Give me Liberty or give me Death!" Date: March 23, 1775 | Location: Richmond, Virginia Performed by: Peter Marinker audio mp3 7:07 minutes

    Martin Luther King "I Have A Dream" audio mp3 4 minutes

    Statement on the Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. Senator Robert F. Kennedy Indianapolis, Indiana April 4, 1968 text + audio mp3 5:47 minutes

    Historic Speeches

    Churchill + Speeches

    Winston Churchill and the Sinews of Peace Address THE SINEWS OF PEACE March 5, 1946 Westminster College, Fulton, Missouri
    This speech may be regarded as the most important Churchill delivered as Leader of the Opposition (1945-1951). It contains certain phrases "the special relationship," "the sinews of peace"-which at once entered into general use, and which have survived. But it is the passage on "the iron curtain" which attracted immediate international attention, and had incalculable impact upon public opinion in the United States and in Western Europe. Russian historians date the beginning of the Cold War from this speech. In its phraseology, in its intricate drawing together of several themes to an electrifying climax - his speech may be regarded as a technical classic.
    The President of Westminster College spoke first and then introduced President Harry S Truman. Truman introduced Churchill. The text of the speech follows. Churchill ad-libbed at times, so the words Churchill delivered will depart occasionally from the text he prepared. Text with audio link approx. 1 hour speech

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    Linguistic Funland Activities and Exercises
    Magic word list De-En-Fr
    English pronunciation chaos Compare attributions (new window)
    Some English tests
    Alice in Wonderland
    The Little Prince
    On Line Reading
    Englische Briefe - Links
    Dictionaries & encyclopeadia (eine Linkliste @
    Dictionaries & encyclopeadia (eine Linkliste @Lyoming College)
    Information Resources for Information Professionals (incl. dictionnaires - Wörterbücher)

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    Altavista Babel Fish
    Free Translation
    Online Translator

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