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Swiss-German, Dutch, English, French, Spanish
        customized language training
[using Deutsch, English, français, Spanish - when appropriate]

    Our principles:

  • You learn what you like.
  • We teach what you need.
  • You get modern training efficiency.
  • We use the language knowledge you have.
  • We explain in the language you understand.
  • Grammar training facilitates learning.
  • Grammatically correct language is a career "must".
  • Flexible timing - programmed progress.
  • Qualified and experienced teachers.
  • Competitive and fair tariffs.

What qualifies a "good" course?

        We believe it's (1) the methodology, (2) class size, (3) the teacher and the student.
    1) a. The method employs all the knowledge and language skills that the students already have. This means that explanations and translations are given in a language the student understands. Full immersion is used whenever possible and advantageous for progress.
        b. From start, material from every-day life is used, such as newspaper articles and signs and instructions the student encounters at work, in shops, restaurants etc.
        c. Vocabulary, grammar and idiom are best learned and memorized in subject-centered lessons with planned progress, using a text book. "Old-fashioned", but proven, efficient chapter contents: story, grammar, word list, written translation exercises both ways.
        d. Structured grammar acquisition is an integral part of efficient learning. Grammar drills greatly enhance the learners' confidence to speak and write.
        e. As soon as possible the student is asked to transcribe an audio or video text. This is useful training for vocabulary learning, listening/understanding skills, and practicing the correct spelling of vocabulary, verb forms, and grammar.
        f. Good communication - understanding and speaking - requires correct pronunciation. A foreign language accent will often stay, and this is no real problem.

    2) The smaller the class, the more intensive the course becomes. The optimum size could lie around 2 to 3 students, who share the teacher's attention and can interact in exercises and games.

    3) Obviously the teacher should be inspiring, and the student must be so motivated that s/he does her/his homework.
* "Group":

Who? - We are a group of experienced, independent teachers who believe in high efficiency.

Why? - We want to do a good job at a fair tariff, where the student gets what s/he pays for: your Return On Investment.

When? - We are available on demand.

Where? - Lessons take place at your office or elsewhere. We have no own premises - which reduces overhead and course costs.

What? - English, French, German, Swiss-German, Spanish.

How? - We use a well reflected methodology that deviates from the trodden path of inefficient "full immersion".

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** "Efficient":

Modern methodology based on qualified experience.
Efficient grammar teaching uses the competences that you already have (language, intelligence).
We give explanations and occasional translations in the language you know. This is far superior to the Berlitz "full immersion" fashion. Because a language course never has the time to imitate the experience of a baby and a toddler - 16 hours a day, seven days a week, over many years - to acquire the language.
Grammar drills are essential to acquire confident language skills.
Homework is mandatory. If you don't do your homework the course will be canceled and the fees for the remaining course hours will be restituted (less SFr. 50 admin. fee).


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Restitution of non-used course fees if the course is stopped because the student does not do her/his homework.

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