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    Lubbers' Law of Expanding Environmental Organisations (LEEO)

      The number of functionaries in Environmental Organisations expands in line with increasing ecological worries and decreasing viability of the earth, whilst protecting the status quo. [Green Listgreen list...]

    Scientific title:

    Lubbers Law of Increasing Tertiary Level Resource Consumption (LLITLRC)

    Popular notation

      Put two NGOs in a room by themselves and
      in nine months you will have three NGOs.

    Lubbers' LEEO was first formulated 13 January 2013,
    inspired by Parkinson (not the illness):

    Parkinson's Law, 1st part:
            "Work expands to fill the time available for its completion;"
    Parkinson's Law, 2nd part:
            "bureaucrats multiply regardless of the amount of work to be done."
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Murphy's laws... 3121-4123

List of international "green" organisations,
recently formed following the LEEO principle,
i.e. aiming at protecting the world but
factually trying to sustain the status quo.

  • R20 Arnold Schwarzenegger's "Regions of Climate Action" (2012)
  • Global Centre for Ecosystem Management Established by UNEP and China [at IGSNRR] (2013)
  • Green Growth Knowledge Platform (Geneva office January 2014)
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • United Nations ...
    Some of the first Environmental Organisations formed in line with the LEEO law:

  • UNEP - United Nations Environment Programme

    Organisations that work against the interests of sustainability:

  • Far to many to list here.
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    "Green" is a color only. If "green" is understood as "sustainable" we must acknowledge that growth and development cannot be green, and that we are in a horrible overshoot situation.