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"The main thing 'management' needs to know"
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"The main thing 'management' needs to know" is
(a) that this world and its resources are finite and
(b) that we are tremendously overburdening the world with our activities and
(c) that therefore economic growth is suicidal.

If one knows that management depends on information,
that they do not take the time to read any article in-depth,
that they mostly regurgitate the key points from executive summaries from people who are firmly embedded in the Academic-Business-Political Complex which has an unshaken belief in endless growth and profit-maximization
- if you know this -
then you will possibly conclude that we will have to be upfront in very simple language that they perceive (read/hear) and can understand.

Then we will have to deal with their gut reactions of rejection and fear and cop-outs. Because once they get a glimpse of the stark reality, they risk falling in a depression because of the hopeless outlook. This is mixed with deep grief if they understand that they've been working and still are working against survival of humanity, including their and my beloved children and grandkids.

We have to get out of the acedemic mode and connect with the world out there and find the ways to be noticed and to be taken serious.

We don't have time. I started saving the world in 1987 and look where I am: nowhere, apart from my ecostories at
The majority of growth-believers and savers-of-the-world-with-business-as-usual is suffocating any deviant voice by non-listening and non-valid counter-arguments.

We must become visible and believed and design ways to get there.
That is MY priority.

Cheers ... Helmut Lubbers 11 August 2007

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