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"The earth can still feed a few more billions of people and there is still sufficient space."

Globally the food situation is very tense. There are hardly any stocks. Wheat reserves, for instance, are barely sufficient for a couple of months. Many millions of people suffer hunger. In order to help those people we don't have to grow. We must use our work and resources differently.

There is certainly not "sufficient space". On the contrary. Many people live in cramped conditions in mega cities and miserable slums, soon (2008?) more than half of humanity.

Population growth is unabated, approximatelely 75 Million a year. They all need shelter, food, clothes, heating and some decent work. All that requires additional resources, most of which are non-renewable.

We are now, 2007, at 6,5 Billion people. Some estimate say that the earth could only carry some one billion people sustainably.
World population was estimated at
6 026 159 087
(6,026 billion)
as we web-mounted this somber page on 20.11.1999 onto our New Zealand web site, together with a population counter.

The world population is still rising:
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6,534 billion
was the number on 8. July 2006 at 12:00 h.
6,619 billion was the number on 4. August 2007 at 16:45 h,
as we wrote this page.

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