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Our pressure on the world depends on Population size and Resource use - often expressed in the equation I = P x A x T
Impact (our Environmental Resource Use footprint)
[not the so-called "ecological footprint"]
= Population (size) × Affluence (welfare) × Technology   [cf. the T factor of I=PxAxT]

moving so-called 'rogue elephants'... Many people claim that the world could nourish 12 billion people, if food were distributed equitably.
Whilst this is an argument in favour of more equity, it cannot be used to say that the earth could carry 12 billion people and that population growth would therefore not be a problem.
On the contrary

Population is the elephant in the room

Each additional person requires resources for one person more, be it in the rich or in the poor areas of this world. Population growth increases the depletion rates of resources and the pressure on the land, always. Population growth is not sustainable, nowhere.

Despite talk of aid and development, the effects of population growth are borne locally, especially in the poor areas of the world. The baby born into the slums of the world's mega-cities lives it's life in those slums.
An additional person in a rich country increases the pressure locally and elsewhere, because of increased imports of resources.
Therefore it is not racism if one states that population growth must be stopped.

The conflict between elephants and people is about space and resources.
Relocating elephants is a temporary "solution" only. More people require more roads, more space, more resources. Ultimately the locals are killing their local environments, because of this "development". This process can be seen in many African, Asian, and American countries. Population pressure leads to increased scarcities of water, food and nature.

Elephants are just a threatened species.
People are the rogue species on earth.
Are elephants "rogue"?
Sustainability: The balances are maintained if resources are not consumed at a higher rates than needed for regeneration.
Sustainable Society: A society that balances the environment, other life forms, and human interactions over an indefinite time period.
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