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Population: The example of the Maledives

The capital, Male, has 70,000 inhabitants. The Maledives count 350,000 people. This is a population density of 1,170 people per square kilometre - on a surface without any resources, except for some fish. In order to remedy the space problem of the capital, they are creating an artificial island which is planned to accomodate up to 100,000 more people. It should be 2 metres above sea level because of the expected sea level rise in the age of climate change.
La capitale Malé, où vivent plus de 70 000 personnes, est surpeuplée. L'intégralité de la surface de l'île est recouverte de bâtiments, les immeubles poussant maintenant verticalement. Pour remédier à ce problème, le gouvernement a créé une île artificielle en pompant du sable au fond de la mer et en faisant un énorme tas. Sur cette île prévue pour accueillir 100 000 habitants, les bâtiments sont en cours de construction. Elle a été élevée 2 mètres au-dessus de la mer pour pallier une éventuelle montée des eaux.(source:
The Maldives are overpopulated.
Virtually all food, fuel and materials are imported. End of oil means end of the Maldives since transportation will stop and production of goods and food will drop. The Maldivian people may face the same fate as Easter Island, i.e. reduction from thousands of people to a few hundred survivers.

The fate of humankind will probably be similar, once resources are becoming scarce. There is no replacement for oil. All people together, we have similarly overshot the carrying capacity of our Earth. Yet the population and our resource consumption is still growing. Worse, the world's leaders are still pushing for more of the same - economic expansion and therefore resource depletion and climate gas emissions.

Pushing for economic growth and allowing population to increase means digging our own graves - on the Maldives and on the whole world. Any so-called "mitigation" of climate change will be undone by growth of humanity and its so-called "economy".

The growth paradigm is the sure way to societal collapse and humanity's suicide.

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