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Ecological facts may throw you into a depression! Visitors continue at their own risk and peril. "Authorities" and economists who are immune to realities may safely continue without worrying.
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Les faits écologiques pourraient vous faire tomber dans une dépression. Des visiteurs continuent à leur propre risque et péril. Des "autorités" et des économistes qui sont immune à la réalité peuvent continuer sans se faire de soucis.
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A scenario is an outline of events - planned or unplanned, possible or probable - depending on the circumstances:
  • Humans, that is our activities,
  • Nature, that is all other life forms and the planet.

    The human scenario variables are:
    Population growth - Economic growth - Technology
    The resulting Impact is often expressed in the equation
    I = P x A x T I=PAT...

    All life forms, including humans, are normally in a dynamic balance in the environment.
    We are maintaining the balances with nature if we don't consume natural resources and minerals faster than nature requires for regeneration and replenishment.
    Presently, we are creating an ever increasing global imbalance because we are far too many people. We are using far too much non-renewable resources and destroying nature with other life forms. This is called "Overshoot"overshoot, with excerpts....
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    Une 'génération future' essaye à saisir notre terre d'hier. A 'future generation' tries to get our yesterday's earth. Une 'génération future' essaye à saisir notre terre d'aujourd'hui. A 'future generation' tries to get our present-day earth.
    Une 'génération future' essaye à saisir notre terre de demain. A 'future generation' tries to get tomorrow's earth.
    eternal growth - the ideology of leaders Current scenarios show a world that keeps getting smaller because we keep growing, until nothing will be left and we will perish in a depleted environment.

    That is called die-off

    Auf Deutsch: "Himmelfahrt ins Nichts" - von Herbert Gruhl
    [ Ascension to Nothingness Ascension au néant]
    Article: Das Ende - The End - La fin - El fin

    We have it in our hands to stop growth and slow down our velocity towards total depletion and the end. We could even gain more time if we would slow down societal speeds, relocalise work and living, and demechanise. But it won't be enough to get back to return to a level of sustainabilitysustainability, because our overshoot level is far too high for an ordered contraction.
    Churchil: "I have nothing to offer but tears, blood, sweat."
  • Can you hear me?
    Promoting growth... ... and the planet is getting relatively smaller!
    Rapidly decreasing relative size of our planet Earth:
  • Traffic congestion news - Staumeldungen
  • Peak Oil
  • "The world has two energy crises but no real answers"
  • Happy New Year to the H.O.T. People.
  • "The Economist" 1999 HOT scenario: Hope Optimism Growth
  • - peak oil and peak population scenarios
  • - Food price vs. Oil price
  • "The Global Resource Squeeze" [The Wall Street Journal - 2009] [Nobly the world is going under. Vornehm geht die Welt zu Grunde. Noblement le monde succombe.]
  • All Things Must Pass
  • After The Apocalypse
  • Basic Scenario
  • Geneva 21st Century Scenarios
  • Post-Petroleum Landscapes
  • Terminal care for a dying planet
  • "Soylent Green"
  • Flat and Round planet - with links
  • "Doomsday Auction"
  • A concise picture of today's world
  • Gobal Resource Squeeze & Limits To Growth Graph - updated for Post-Peak die-off
  • Goofus and Gallant in the 21st Century (starting 1 January 2001)

  • A future without oil - Un futur sans pétrole ...
  • Our Nuclear Future... possibly? probably?
  • WTO Ceteris ParibusThe WTO by 2022 - Ceteris Paribus
  • Murphy's Laws Aldous Huxley's warning: "Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored"
    Population growth Economic growth Technology
  • "Leave us a flower" "Laat ons een bloem
  • "Rejoicing The Utter Black Bitterness"
  • "Naturträne - Nina Hagen
  • Kassandra - Christa Wolf
  • Amara terra mia
  • Requiem
    14/2010 L�urgence de la "d�croissance".
    Des pensées sur la balance humaine sur la planète.
    14/2010 The urgency of contraction.
    Thoughts on the balance of humanity on the planet.
    14/2010 Die Dringlichkeit einer Schrumpfung. Gedanken über das Gleichgewicht der Menschheit auf dem Planeten.
    15/2010 "Der kommende Austand"   ["Mea Culpa"]
    25/2009 Our Maniacal Optimism Is Ruining the World
    19/2009 Hope kills
    19/2009 L'espoir, l'optimisme, la technologie,
                      et l'argent: le quatuor qui tue l'humanit�

    19/2009 Hoffnung t�tet
  • Mr AshTuesday
    M Mardi-GrasDescendres
    Herr Ascherdienstag Relax...
    De heer Asdinsdag

  • IFES - International Flat Earth Society
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