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Post-ww-2 environmental concerns reached the public in the USA with Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring" (1965). The "world" became aware by "The Limits to Growth" (1972) [LtG].

Till this day, 2012, the effects of LtG show a mixed picture.

For the Compact of Business, Politics and the discipline of Economics [BPE] it became one of the most hated books, firmly linked to "The Club of Rome", its promotors.

Till this day, "leaders" are saying "The Club of Rome" was wrong." Growth is still the BPE paradigm. But today's CoR is an elitist group of people, who also believe in growth, albeit "sustainable", etc. Denis Meadows is not a member of the CoR! Denis Meadows has recently gone public saying that we're lost (2012).

The LtG were updated a number of times and each update confirmed the previous assessments and pointed at the increasing depletion of the planet and urgency to change course.

[to be completed with references.]

Randers recently (2012) wrote his "2052", a book that we consider being his "testament" and apology. From what we gathered from the book launch and the first chapter, most of his analysis is far too optimistic and most of his solutions remain within the Hope, Optimism and Technology mindframe. Transcripts, audio and video
Rapidly decreasing relative size of our planet Earth :

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