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International Flat Earth Society

Preamble and Principles

  1. The International Flat Earth Society [IFES] grounds in the conviction that the earth's resources are limitless because they can be renewed endlessly by Hope, Optimism, and Technology [HOT].
  2. The IFES is a meeting place for the like-minded to exchange innovative and creative ideas to continue Business As Usual [BAU] for the greater glory of win-win-win for people, the environment and future generations.
  3. The three main objectives of IFES members are
    1. the promotion of economic growth in order to lift the poor out of poverty,
    2. create more jobs, and
    3. furnish electricity to the poor world.


  1. Members are are people in leadership positions.
  2. Membership is awarded automatically because of a person's ascent on the career ladder.
  3. Resignation of membership is granted upon receipt of a written request by a member, submitted by snail mail on physical paper, outlining the reasons for the wish to resign from the International Flat Earth Society.
  4. Resignation requests will be handled by the Scientific Board of the Flat Earth Society and communicated within three weeks after receipt of the resignation request.
  5. The resignation procedure is completed after returning of the membership certificate to IFES by the member
  6. The member will receive a confirmation of resignation by snail mail in due course.

Facsimile of an IFES membership certificate to be returned to head office.

Version 1.1.0.
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