REJOICING THE UTTER BLACK BITTERNESS  click to listen... (new window)  

Aiii...  Aiii...  
I know a place where we can go  
At the graveyard just behind the electric church  
Lies a monument I know we both can climb  
As we watch all them suckers passing by  

I’ll show your early sixty years  
And the widowing white monarch  
I'll show you the wreak of the heavens  
Rejoice the utter black bitterness  

I am the wizard in black  
The really unholy servant, always with a smile  
Whether it be drowning madness  
Or blackened bliss, or blackened bliss  
The keeper of darkness  
Yours truly will make you forget  

Soon it will all be over  
For we murdered our world  
Gone is all the agony  
Too sad this will not last  
Rejoice the utter, your bitter day  

Witness me, obsessed by death  
Nurturing my beastial diet  

Digest your night  
Enjoy your world  
While you consume the world  
I'll get my café  
To embarrass most of your day  

Rejoice the utter black bitterness  

Vulture's birth, obsessed by death  
Nurturing, obsessed   by   death  

Rejoice the utter   black   bitterness  

Live as you may  
Rejoice   the black,   the doom,   your life  
(lyrics; adapted)  

Naturträne - Nature tear  
Amara terra mia...