T I M E L I N E   O F   D O O M
Disaster at a
Nuclear Power Plant

Like a plague of locusts, the survivors of the once proud and prosperous Twin Cities spread out across the land, stripping the countryside of every edible plant and animal. In a final act of desperation, half-starved, heavily armed gangs laid siege to the nuclear power facility at Prairie Island. They had learned that there was food and weapons stockpiled there for the secret “Nuclear Brotherhood” whose sworn duty was to protect the nuclear fuel that would remain dangerous for thousands of years. The small band of defenders in the nuclear facility were able to fight off hungry, suburban gangs for a few days.

With mortars, rockets and grenades looted from armories, the gangs bombarded Prairie Island until the “dry casks” of radioactive wastes burst, spilling their deadly contents. The radioactive pollution from Prairie Island combined with the spills of countless other sources of unattended and damaged toxic waste facilities led to the final wave of die-offs. In less than a year most of the human population of the Twin Cities was wiped out. Small band of pathetic survivors subsisted for a few years by digging for food in landfills, but they too succumbed to disease and toxic waste poisoning.

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[2012, one year after the Fukushima. What will happen to the 500 nuclear power plants, the waste sites and the military nuclear arsenal, once power failures and civil unrest become common-place? Will there still be the technical means and the personnel to guard the radioactive materials? Will radioactive leakage pollute the waters, and the food chain around the globe? What is then the survival change for plants, insects, fish, birds, animals, humans?]

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