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Trade is supposed to be an important activity to increase economic development ("growth"), and well-being (affluence) of people and countries (also called "economies").
[Abbreviation glossary at the bottom of this page ]

GDP Growth and Poverty Reduction on the PPOD

On Population Growth and environmental limits - email to Pinhas Alpert, Tel Aviv University

On Biofuels - Letter to Ruud Lubbers, former prime Minister of the Netherlands

On Youth Unemployment, PPOD and PPRD - Letter to the Editor of the Financial Times, London

On Growth and Financing of Biodiversity protection - Letter to Ahmed Djoghlaf, Executive secretary Convention on Biological Diversity

Über nachhaltige Städte Mail an Herrn Prof. Dr. Rolf Kreibich, Leiter IZT - Institut für Zukunftsstudien und Technologiebewertung gemeinnützige GmbH,
und Frau Lisa Beier, Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, Berlin

E-Mail an den SEK-FEPS, Schweizerischen Evangelischen Kirchenbund über ihre "Bewertung des WEF Open Forums 2008..." Nachtrag 27 Mai 2011: Der SEK ist aus dem Open Forum ausgetreten.

Lettre concernant la vision 2030 [sur la croissance de Genève] présentée par l'Office de l'urbanisme, Direction de la planification directrice cantonale et régionale Rue David Dufour 5 Case postale 224 1211 Genève 8

Brief an Echo, Radio DRS über Amazonien und die Jäger und Sammler des modernen Helvetiens

"Black Book WWF" "Schwarzbuch WWF"
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Glossary of abbreviations:
  • BPE = Business, Politics and the discipline of Economics
  • ECONOMIC GROWTH = The difference in GDP between one year and the previous one. GDP=Money=Material. "Dematerialised growth" is nonsense sublime.
  • HOT = Hope Optimism Technology
  • LSM = Lame Stream Media
  • OVERSHOOT = Too many people consuming too much resources, possibly more than 400 times in excess of the planet's carrying capacity.
  • PIP = People In Power
  • PPOD = Post Peak Oil Downslope - the irredeemable reduction of agricultural and industrial production after the end of peak oil availability
  • PPOR = Post Peak Resources Downslope